Legal Translations

Legal documents have a special importance, and legal translations require a special skill set. Most countries and languages have their own specific 'legalese', but it is not always enough to merely replace one legalese with another – terms that are otherwise equivalent are often subject to different legal interpretations in different countries. Legal concepts themselves also differ greatly between jurisdictions, for example between the US and UK common-law, precedent-based tradition and the European Napoleonic-law tradition. The translator must be aware of these and other differences, so that the translated document-communicates the intent, the whole intent, and nothing but the intent of the original.

Our professional legal translators are fully conversant with these factors. We have the experience and resources to provide you with legal translations that stand up to scrutiny.


Legal documents are business-critical for every company. Translating these documents into a different language requires a special skill set. Legal translations can easily lose their meaning because of the differences in legalese and legal concepts from one country to the next. Simply exchanging the terms in one language for their equivalents in the other may not be enough to keep the meaning the same. Even when under normal circumstances, the terms may have similar meanings, there is very often a difference when the text is legal. That's why our legal translation services at Wordshop Translations are the right choice when you need legal translations for your business.