Our Translators

Translating is a special skill that takes more than just a passing acquaintance with the target language.

To deliver an accurate, effective text that makes you look good in your target market, a professional translator should:

  • Be a native speaker of the target language, and be aware of the latest expressions and idioms
  • Have a perfect knowledge of the source language, and be up to date on current usage
  • Be a gifted writer, with an eye for style
  • Keep up with events, trends, and technology
  • Have substantial experience in translating
  • Know when to ask questions, and where to get answers

Wordshop has spent years cultivating a network of professional, highly qualified translators who live and work in their native countries. Our international offices bring the talents of these native-speaker, native-country translators to every project. As a result, your foreign-language literature will read as if it were written by a native speaker living in the target country – because it was!